Online multi-player games are hugely popular. They give us an escape from reality, a place to progress, and a platform for making friends from all over the world. Ragnarok is one of the most popular online role-playing game, especially in the Philippines!

This article will discuss the definition of the game, What makes it so popular, and a few important details.


What is Ragnarok online?

ragnarok online

The game of Ragnarok is an online role-playing game with nearly the largest user base compared to others in its field. The storyline is based on Norse mythology and the player will advance through game stages.

To progress in Ragnarok Online, you have to pass the boss levels for each stage. You can customize your character and fight with in-game monsters and players.

The world is rich with characters and a storyline with an environment that changes as the plot develops. Game events take place and include challenges, quests, and rewards.


Who made Ragnarok Online?

Gravity Co Ltd

The creators behind Ragnarok are from Gravity Co Ltd. The game was made and launched in 2002, out of South Korea.

Now, your Ragnarok journey is up to you! Gravity Co Ltd designed the game to allow for plenty of free play and community development.

Since its inception, Ragnarok Online is now managed by Electronics Extreme.


Why do Filipino players like to play it?

Filipino players

Ragnarok is the most popular MMORPG in the Philippines. It’s so widely played because it was the first of its kind available to the region.

Above all, Ragnarok is accessible. As the first role-playing game in the Philippines, Ragnarok online was mass-accepted. It’s easy to download the game and Filipino folks were allowed to finally try their hand in online gaming in this class.

It is the favorite MMORPG game in the country and likely will be popular for the foreseeable future. Gravity Co Ltd partnered with Electronic Extreme, and they had the foresight to include the Philippines in the game’s availability range and for that, we give our thanks!


Ragnarok Online News

There were some issues before the game’s debut, which caused strife among the Gravity Co Ltd branding. So much so, that they could not continue with the game release without that partnership with Electronic Extreme.

This drama ignited a burst of private servers to be created, straying from the game’s official server.

Gravity Co Ltd handed the licensing of the Asian game market over to Electronics Extreme in 2016 and they quickly launched the Philippines server shortly after.

Now, let’s talk about the game!


Get the Game

Ready to start playing now? This section will lead you through to process of obtaining the game client and may answer some common questions.


Is Ragnarok Online Free?

Good news – YES, Ragnarok is free to play! Beginner players rejoice, you won’t have to spend money to figure out if you like this game.

So, hook up with your friends and have them download the Ragnarok Online game from the client to their computers and get to gaming.

How can you get the game? Good question, let’s cover that too.


How can I download Ragnarok?

Midnight RO Logo

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Based in the Philippines, you’ll visit the Electronics Extreme game website to download the game. This process also includes registering for an account. It’s easy to do and it’s free.


How to install Ragnarok Online Philippines

This site will take you to the right web page and may just be your portal into the wide world of Ragnarok!

So, get your download on and from there, open up your downloaded file, and install the game. You’re just about to be ready to play.


Find the Right Server

Choosing an online server to play in can be a tough choice. Depending on the type of online servers that you choose, your gameplay will be drastically affected!

The Ragnarok online experience includes many server variations, the main types being:

  • Player vs Environment (PvE)
  • Guild vs Guild
  • Player vs Player (PvP)


Private Server vs Official Server

The official server may offer more reliable and consistent gameplay. There will be a wider range of players and values in the game are they were intended to be. You’ll get more access to PvP battles and a more diverse experience.

On private servers, it’s a roll of the dice, unless you stick to the most popular ones. Sometimes leveling is a bit off-kilter and the gameplay doesn’t have much balance. However, the player community is smaller and more intimate, so it can be more fun with friends with gatherings like a party event.

Also to note, private servers are typically better customized. So their features are typically tweaked to provide more interesting gaming and simple character growth. This may be of interest to you, but also know that each Ragnarok online private server will be very different from the other.


Private Server Types

Private servers fall into four main classes. Each has its own range of common rates, drop rates, and experience rates.

  • Low rate: great for beginner players, but also has a low drop rate
  • Mid rate: for base experience rate between 25-150. Has a medium drop rate and experience rate.
  • High rate: for base experience rates between 150-10,000. Has a high drop rate and experience rate.
  • Super high rate: for base experience rates greater than 10,000. Has a super high drop rate and experience rate.

Some servers function for player testing. This allows you to practice PvP or test your builds and techniques in a more informal environment.


Any Ragnarok server with Active PvP?

If you like the adrenaline of battling it out PvP style, you can certainly find a server to fit your needs. You might have to do some snooping around the Ragnarok Online forums and server lists to find the most current suggestions.


What is the best Ragnarok private server?

The highest-rated Ragnorak Online servers for the Philippines are:

  • DarkRO Rebirth Ragnarok Online: offers balanced play and some fun Star Wars features
  • Ragnarok Legends of Valkyrie: this server is official-like and classic


One would think that there is a lot to learn about Ragnarok Online, and there is. However, the game is about having fun. Keep this guide handy for referring back to, once you start wanting to explore server types and more.

It’s about time the Philippines got access to an MMPORG. Gravity Co Ltd and Electronics Extreme have made their game available here, it’s free to download and all that’s left to do is to play it!