If you’re not already aware (although we’re sure you are!), Ragnarok is a huge multiplayer online role-playing game based on Norse mythology. It was released in 2002 and has been subject to a fast-growing community ever since.

During play in Ragnarok online, your character interacts with a 3D environment. However, they are shown as 2D character sprites.

People love the game thanks to its various forms of server-supported play including player vs player (known as PVP), guild vs guild, and player vs environment. You never know, you might even be able to find a server that works with other types of gameplay too!

We’ve mentioned the word “server” quite a lot and, for those of you who aren’t already in the know, this might be rather confusing. So, let’s get straight on to the real meat and potatoes of this topic, shall we?

What Is a Ragnarok Online Private Server?

To understand this properly, you first need to understand what a game server actually.

What Is A Game Server?

An online game server is a remote place used by some (or all) players to play PVP and multiplayer games. They allow the entire global community of game-lovers to play together. Thankfully, they are usually free to play but this largely depends on the person (or people) hosting it.

To use a server, you have to download a piece of software known as a game client. This allows your screen to load and continue to play the game!

The various servers dedicated to Ragnarok online are no different.

What Is The Difference Between Pre-Renewal Ragnarok and Renewal Ragnarok?

This section is probably the one you have skipped to if you’re already a Ragnarok Online fan and are trying to figure out which high rate, low rate, or mid-rate server to play on.

In the frequently asked questions section at the end, you can find a more in-depth look specifically at the renewal version. Here, however, we will have a peek at the differences between the pre-renewal and renewal. As you might imagine, people have varying views on what this truly means for PVP and card drop rate.

Let’s start with pre-renewal Ragnarok.

Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Online

Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Paladin Job Class

This version of the game is otherwise referred to as the “classic” RO.

In this RO variation, the monsters have fixed experienced points (which some people love). This means, if you kill one of the strongest mobs, you’ll gain a ton of levels in one go. The bosses are, however, not very well designed.

Additionally, parties of players are encouraged here and skills have variable cast times. For example, for the instant cast, 150 dex is needed.

In a nutshell, pre-renewal has the following characteristics:

  • There are no 3rd classes. Max stats of 99.
  • There are no experience or drop penalties when slaying monsters below or above your current level.
  • Stronger monsters will give you more experience.
  • Skills have a variable cast time. For the instant cast, 150 dex is needed.
  • The mechanics encourage partying.

Renewal Ragnarok Online

Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Crusader Job Class

Renewal is the opposite of pre-renewal. In other words, it’s the modern take on the classic (or pre-renewal) RO game. Generally speaking, extreme Ragnarok Online fans prefer the pre-renewal version. However, others prefer renewal gaming.

Essentially, everything is just the opposite of the pre-renewal RO. So, let’s just bullet point it:

  • There are 3rd classes.
  • The max stats are 120.
  • There are exp and drop penalties for killing monsters below or above your level.
  • No instant cast is possible.
  • You need more items to cast spells.

The Types of Ragnarok Online Private Servers

Right, we know you’re dying to hear about the various servers now. Without further ado, we’ll jump straight in. Buckle up! You’re about to learn about HR server, low rate servers, and mid-rate servers (all of which are free to play).

We’ll state with low rate servers.

Low Rate Servers

Unless you’re a true video game aficionado, anything remotely relating to “rates” or “server rate” might instill fear in you. Fear of what? Well, money spending.

But there’s no need to fret. The term “server rates” is used to describe the difficulty of the game or the increased or (decreased) boss card drop rate or the likelihood of finding items and reaching the max level.

To put it simply, a low rate server is the hardest mode to play since the drop rates are decreased when compared with a mid-rate or high rate server.

Let’s have a look at some numbers:

If an international pk server (or otherwise) has 8x/8x/3x server rate, it means that the base exp is 8 times more than the base game, the job exp is 8 times more than the base game, and the items drop rate is 3 times more than the base game.

You can even find servers with even lower rates drop than this!

Mid Rate Servers

Server rates that have a base level exp of more than 25 but lower than 150 are classed as mid-rate ones.

For example, if you see pk server rates of 100x/100x/50x it means that the base exp is 100 times more than the classic game, the job exp is 100 times more than the classic game, and the drop rates of the items are 50 times more than the classic game.

High Rate Servers

A high rate server is one that has a base level exp of more than 150. The job level, items drop rate, and card drop can be huge. You’ll find that some are way into the thousands!

If you are a serious game, however, you might not like the sound of the high rates base. But for newbies, this rates base might be quite tantalizing since you can progress through the PVP sessions easier and achieve the max lvl.

Yes, you can find all these server types in both pre-renewal and renewal.

The Best Private Ragnarok Online Private Servers

Now, you can pretty much call yourself a server expert! All that’s left to know is which ones are the best to play!

Midnight RO — Pre-Renewal Server

Midnight RO Logo

This is an intense PVP, farm base server that is a high rate. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a speedrunner and want to revel in the satisfaction that is leveling up, this high rate option is the one for you.

Basic Server Information

  • PVP farm base sever
  • Balance server
  • Active PVP
  • MVP cards are powerful
  • High rate (items drop 1000 time more likely)
  • Pre-renewal
  • Max stats = 255
  • Custom MVP card (high rate, likely to drop)
  • Exclusive 3rd job quest
  • Max base level = 255
  • Max ASPD = 196
  • Max 3rd job level = 120
  • Server location = Singapore with Proxies from Europe and USA

Solace Ragnarok — Pre-Renewal Server

Solace Ragnarok

This one moves us from high rate to low rate as it sticks closely to the base game settings. The best part is that you can guarantee no bots thanks to the gepard shield!

With this pre-renewal server, you’re guaranteed to have a boatload of classic fun.

Basic Server Information

  • Pre-renewal = 7x/7x/1x
  • Renewal = 4x/4x/1x
  • Intense PVP woe
  • Low rate
  • Protected by gepard shield. Specifically, by gepard shield 3.0.
  • Automated events have their own rewards
  • Donations guild is limited
  • Continuously developing the MVP cards and items drop
  • No poor custom maps
  • Lots of rewards
  • Non MVP card rate is 5x
  • Max stats = 99
  • Max level (base) = 99
  • Max 3rd job level = 70
  • MVP cards enabled
  • God items disabled
  • Max ASPD = 190
  • Server Location = Singapore

Talon RO — Pre-Renewal Server

talon RO logo

TalonRO is another low rate one. You should expect pre-renewal game mechanics and drop rates, along with the 3rd job feature and homunculus intimacy.

Server Info

  • Low rate
  • Pre-renewal
  • Classic homunculus intimacy mechanics
  • Excellent rewards system
  • Regular quests here event mining
  • Minigames woe
  • Items drop rates = 3x
  • Max lvl (base) = 99
  • Max level (3rd job) = 70
  • Max aspd = 190
  • Base experience rates = 8x
  • Job experience rates = 8x
  • Location = United States of America

Cake RO — Pre-Renewal Server

cake RO logo

If you were waiting for a pre-renewal mid-rate option, you’ve found it! The base and job experience is 30x, while the drop is 20x. Not quite as staggering as the high rate, but good enough for those who consider themselves to be “advanced” players.

Information About the Server

  • 3rd job and 4th job costumes
  • Pre-renewal
  • Rates = 30x/30x/20x
  • Pre-renewal mid rate
  • Max base level = 99
  • Max 3rd job level = 70
  • Max ASPD = 190

Ragnarok Online Private Servers — FAQ

What is Ragnarok Zero?

Ragnarok Zero is the newest version of Ragnarok Online. To put it simply, this game will take you back to the beginning — before renewal was even a “thing”!

You’ll find that they have changed a lot of user interface yet still want players to remember the good old days. 3rd job, which can be seen in the pre-renewal game, has been taken out of this one. The items and MVP cards are the same, however (although, they’ve introduced an interesting random item option for equipment).

If you’re a fan of the pre-renewal and renewal version, you’re bound to love Ragnarok Zero.

Which Ragnarok Server is Best?

The Best High Rate to Play

MidnightRO is the best high rate option for us(Check it out and you’ll thank me later). It’s pre-renewal so it’s brilliant if you’re looking for some nostalgia instead of something like a renewal mid-rate game.

The Best Low Rate Server to Play

TalonRO is the one to choose here. Again, it’s pre-renewal so good for those who love the old game mechanics.

The Best Mid Rate Server to Play

In our opinion, the best mid rate option is a pre-renewal one called CakeRO that we discussed earlier.


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